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There is no Disqus-sion: Dropping Disqus

From now on, I will stop using Disqus for this blog. The main reason for stop using Disqus are the privacy implications that come with these kind of services. It is easily possible for the provider to track visitors of this blog and create profiles based on that data. For additional info see the corresponding WP entry. Moreover, I don’t have a direct access to the comment data and thus it I can’t create backups of the comments.

I know that none of these reasons are new, all of them were already existing at the time I started this blog. However, it was kind of continent to use Disqus as that time, mainly because the template offered support for it.

Dropping Disqus does by no means imply that I am not interested in any comments! There are still ways to comment articles: Easiest way would simply be a tweet: @crsqq. And if you feel that there is the need for a more extensive discussion, you may post that article on hackernews or reddit!