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Print from evince doesn't work after changing credentials

Early this month I got new credentials for our printer at the office, a Canon iR2270. No big deal so far. One just has to change the entries for DefaultUserPassword and DefaultUserID in the corresponding config file (/etc/cups/ppd/$PRINTER_NAME.ppd).

The test page was printed without any problems but then I got stuck due to weird behavior of evince. I couldn’t print any PDF files from evince. The printer still received my job with the old credentials and thus refused to print anything.

Turns out: evince creates a new file where it stores some printer settings including the credentials: ~/.config/evince/print-settings. Unfortunately this file is not updated if the credentials in the primary config file change… dunno if this is a bug or a feature.

Anyway, after deleting the print-settings file everything works fine, again.

fyi: I’m currently on Ubuntu 15.04 and evince 3.14.2